confine to bed

confine to bed
прикова́ть к посте́ли

The Americanisms. English-Russian dictionary.. 2014.

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  • confine — ► VERB 1) (confine to) restrict (someone or something) within certain limits of (space, scope, or time). 2) (be confined to) be unable to leave (one s bed, home, etc.) due to illness or disability. 3) (be confined) dated (of a woman) remain in… …   English terms dictionary

  • confine — [kən fīn′; ] for n.1 [ kän′fīn΄] n. [ME confinies, pl. < OFr confins, pl., a border, boundary < L confinium (pl. confinia), boundary, limit < confinis, bordering on < com , with + finis, an end: see FINISH] 1. [usually pl.] a boundary …   English World dictionary

  • confine — verb (T) 1 LIMIT to keep someone or something within the limits of a particular activity or subject; restrict: be confined to: The police cadet s duties were confined to taking statements from the crowd. | a former editor now confined to… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • confine — v. (D; refl., tr.) to confine to (confined to bed; confined to quarters; the lecturer confined herself to one topic; confine yourself to the facts) * * * [ kɒnfaɪn] (D;refl.,tr.) to confine to (confined to bed; confined to quarters; the lecturer… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • confine — con|fine W3 [kənˈfaın] v [T] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(limit)¦ 2¦(keep somebody in a place)¦ 3¦(stop something spreading)¦ 4¦(stay in one place)¦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [Date: 1500 1600; : French; Origin: confiner, from Latin confinis; CONFINES] 1.) …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • confine — 01. The prisoners were [confined] to their cells after an inmate was found murdered. 02. A medical team has successfully [confined] the disease to one village. 03. At the present time, the conflict seems to be [confined] to the area around the… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • confine — verb kən fʌɪn (confine someone/thing to) keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits of (space, scope, or time). ↘(be confined to) be unable to leave (one s bed, home, etc.) due to illness or disability. ↘(be confined) dated (of a …   English new terms dictionary

  • confine — [kənˈfaɪn] verb [T] 1) to keep someone or something in a particular place Chris was ill, and confined to bed.[/ex] 2) formal to keep an activity within particular limits Try to confine the discussion to general principles.[/ex] • be confined to… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • confine — con·fine kən fīn vt, con·fined; con·fin·ing to keep from leaving accustomed quarters (as one s room or bed) under pressure of infirmity, childbirth, or detention …   Medical dictionary

  • confine — verb (t) /kənˈfaɪn / (say kuhn fuyn) (confined, confining) 1. to enclose within bounds; limit or restrict. 2. to shut or keep in; imprison. –noun /ˈkɒnfaɪn / (say konfuyn) 3. (usually plural) a boundary or bound; a border or frontier. –phrase 4.… …  

  • confine — Verb: To deprive one of his liberty; to place in prison or jail; to keep a person in bed; to require a person to remain at home; to keep animals within an enclosure. Walker v McAfee. 82 Kan 1212, 107 P 637. Noun: A limit, end, or boundary …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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